Charlotte has extensive, high level creative design experience in creating a full array of UI design work for mobile application UIs to the Web and print.
Senior Graphic Designer
COO & Operations Manager


Ruel lives to annoy Dave. He is probably the most talented server side magician Dave has ever worked with. No challenge is too great, bring it on!
Senior Server Admin
President & Business Manager


Eugene really is a jack-of-all-trades applying himself in several different areas, from android app development to PHP server development and more.
Senior Android/PHP Developer


Jak was the very first programmer to join Basebuild in 2015. He is very unique in that he can apply himself and quickly pick up almost any technology needed.
Lead PHP Programmer


Jes has strong experience in defining and building applications for the iOS platform with a solid understanding of the mobile development life cycles.
Senior iOS Developer


Jon is an experience Systems Admin and DevOps specialist. He does not code for a living, he lives to code.
Senior Sys Admin and DevOps


John specializes in iOS platform development with a strong focus in Swift. He is also a natural leader and helps corral all the movers in the dev app process.
Lead iOS Developer


Nathan’s primary focus is in Java based Android development. Nathan prides himself on optimizing to achieve the very best performance.
Senior Android Developer

Web programming, iOS and Android development on demand for marketing agencies.

Basebuild, Inc. has operations in Salt Lake City, UT and Richmond, VA. We are an as-needed PHP, iOS and Android programming company for marketing, branding and software companies.

Who is Basebuild?

Basebuild is a distributed band of PHP and iOS/Android developers spread out from Salt Lake City, Utah to Richmond, Virginia and beyond. Basebuild was founded in January 2015 by David McKillen, an Irishman who landed on these great shores back in 2000 fresh off the boat from Dublin.

Our Mission

Do something we love, with people we love, while encouraging a healthy and happy lifestyle for all with whom we interact (and making a living in the process). If you need to contact us, please feel free to use one of the five icons at the top of this page that most suits your needs or email contact@ You can also reach us at 828 490 1825.