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I suppose the point of this quicky post is to demonstrate that you don’t need to spend an arm and a leg to get a full leads-to-CRM pipeline set up for your clients (or your own company). Zapier has done a pretty good job at taking advantage of the different API’s made available by all these different players in the CRM game.

Now thanks to the integration tools Zapier has put out, we can pretty easily integrate voice calls, SMS messages, emails yadda yadda yadda into a ton of different common place CRM’s currently on the market. Sure there’s a little cost in having to pay a few cents for each lead that arrives via Twilio, but there’s no such thing as a free lunch (and it’s really very affordable). Zapier also has monthly plans, but depending on how many leads you are getting, you might be able to use their integration tools for free!

Check out the infographic below: Calls/SMS/Leads are pulled in via Twilio .. Zapier then connects your Twilio account to whatever CRM you are using and Bob’s your uncle! Pretty neat and efficient little setup. Then you can manage your CRM data and future campaigns however you see fit. Happy to help further if you need pointers just ping me!