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Launched Dry Canyon FR clothing on Shopify


We just launched another cool Shopify site, you can check Dry Canyon FR out here. Rick Roby is a friend of mine here in Salt Lake and we talked for a bit about trying to bring his existing old site to the next level. Rick had already put a ton of work into the business prior to our working with him, so it was easy to run with the ball so to speak.

Rick is super knowledgeable on the topic of FR safety clothing and has worked as a Journeyman lineman for longer than the dinosaurs were around, so he knows what he is talking about :). One of the site’s focuses is to bring awareness to the dangers of the job (whether in utility, fire and search or oil and gas) and to try and bring people together to discuss some of these issues.

Rick’s a good dude – check the site out and like him on Facebook 🙂

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