Laravel Data Visualization Project.

city data indicators

Project Summary:

The Spartanburg City Indicators Data Visualization Project aims to enable the city to be strategic in it’s planning and to provide evidence-based programming. Spartanburg indicator area leaders are looking to use it as they plan work and set city priorities. They will also be able to monitor their progress more easily using the interactive visualization graphs. The city also anticipates being able to use this for the collection of local data that are not currently being tracked by any broader agencies. The Project has identified 7 Indicator Areas of Spartanburg County’s quality of life: Civic Health, Cultural Vitality, Economy, Education, Natural Environment, Public Health and Social Environment.

Basebuild built the solution from the ground up and worked to pull in some of the design work previously provided by the awesome folks at Galaxy Digital.

Tools Used:

HTML5, CSS3, Laravel, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, Lavacharts, Google Charts.

Active link:

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