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I can’t quiet believe I didn’t see this before … the perfect combo – tomatoes and potatoes growing on the same plant! No this is not an April fools joke (it’s May duh) but rather an ingenious invention some years ago by Thompson and Morgan, one of the UK’s largest mail order seed and plant companies – with the TomTato ® resurfacing now because of social media. T and M claim it’s not genetically modified, rather all natural. The perfect addition to any Asheville garden, I think so!


The TomTato ® is a specially hand-grafted plant producing potatoes and tomatoes available to UK home gardeners. Above the ground cherry tomatoes with a Brix level of 10.2. Below the ground harvest heavy yields of up to 2kg of delicious white potatoes. Plants come with growing and aftercare instructions (not that you’ll really need them apparently). They should grow indoors or out, in a pot or veggie patch. T and M suggest growing the TomTato ® with French marigolds to deter pesky flies, and basil, chives or mint to deter aphids and other pests.

And no, this has nothing to do with web programming – just promoting health living, so start growing your own tasty, healthy veg! (Or buy some and spread the word 🙂 )

Queue the Irish potato jokes …