Need a live chat person to represent you on your website?

Live chat

OK so you have an email address, a nice form and a phone number prominently displayed as conversion points, but wouldn’t it be nice to be able to respond to customers even when you aren’t at work? There have been several pretty nifty live chat options for people with an online business but most of the good ones cost money and it’s hard to justify spending money on a live chat functionality if you haven’t seen it in action and actually determined it to be a good point of conversion.

And then came along and solved all our problems :).

You don’t need me to waffle on at length about all their cool features but here are just five that really did it for me:

#1 Totally free yet professionally done:

It’s next to impossible to find an all rounded tool that gives you all the same tools, gadgets and must haves that the other paid versions do.

#2 Custom look:

You can easily customize the look of your widget, colors, text – all that.

#3 Phone apps:

You can leave your desktop (especially if you are a small business) and walk away in the confidence that your customers can still chat with you if they visit your site and have questions after your work hours.

#4 Triggers:

Triggers allow you to set automated messages based on multiple conditions, like time, visiting a specific page, or performing a certain action etc.

#5 Tracking:

Believe it or not you can track and monitor your visitors on your website in real time and thus learn more about usability issues on your site, pages users prefer more etc.

If you find yourself interested in having a real live chat person represent your business 24/7 (not a robot but a red blooded human) talk to Basebuild as we have helped other clients in this way and they find having a fourth conversion point very useful for both selling their services after hours and having someone available when they can’t be.

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