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The case to get rid of the super CMS.

It’s a funny thing to hear from a Web development group but reality is, there’s a lot to it. We have been in the Web business now for a combined 10 million years it seems and over time, you begin to see the same patterns repeat themselves.

One of these patterns is that clients ask for the “total ability to edit everything in the site” themselves including design elements. They are looking for us to customize the standard CMS to be able to edit everything. I get it, it gives them control of their web presence and they don’t want to be nickel and dimed for every little change.

The reality is though that once your site is built, the probability of you coming back to edit the logo, your phone number, your Facebook URL or your mailing address in the header or footer is slim to none. I can tell you almost every client I’ve worked with wants the ability to edit their site (and we give that to them) but virtually none of them (in fact I can’t right now think of any) actually ends up editing ANY aspect of their site design by themselves.

Sure clients want to have the ability to add new blog content, to create new sub pages, to swap out the slider on their homepage but seriously, when was the last time you needed to change your company logo? Yourself?

What ends up happening, plain and simple, is that it’s just easier to have someone else (us, nudge nudge wink wink) make that change/tweak for you if it comes to it. There are more than likely at least 5 things you would be better doing for your business right now than trying to play web guy.

So there it is, the case for no more CMS based websites. It’s still a smart move to use WordPress (or Laravel for bigger sites) because there is a lot of built in CMS functionality, blogging, content development, unusual functionalities that makes life easier. When it comes to being able to edit the logo placement on your site or the right side versus left side navigation, let us do it. Let us be the house builders, so you can just live in it.

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