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A C#.Net image upload and curation utility tool using Razor.

Project Summary:

This project was a C#.Net image upload and curation utility tool using Razor. For this project we used C#.Net 4.5 on MVC 5 with the Razor view engine. The client wanted to provide their client base with a real estate image upload tool that would allow the user to select a variety of images, scale them to specific size ratios and limited file size without losing image quality from their local network for upload to a special repository.

The client requested these images be reduced to about 150kb in size without noticeably losing image quality when viewed on the web. The challenge was to ensure the image processing wouldn’t take too long and that the user would be notified that processing was occurring. The other challenge was to ensure there was no upload of duplicate images to prevent overwrite. This was achieved using a recursive check of the existing data sets using a custom API (to verify and validate the images prior to upload).

Tools Used:

C#.Net 4.5, MVC 5, Razor view engine, HTML5, CSS3, Custom API, JQuery, REST

Active Link:

This is a private access utility. Please don’t hesitate to ask us though! contact [at] basebuildinc.com