How to use the RNS API to build rental property data with PHP.


Project Summary:

We were tasked with mastering and then building a vacation rental site that utilized the RNS API data feed. RNS stands for Rental Network Services ( Rental Network Software is a vacation rental software for property managers around the world. Based in Bradenton, Florida, RNS lives and breathes vacation rentals and provides excellent API functionalities that allow third party developers to create fully featured real estate websites. You can learn more about the rich features RNS provides: At this point we have developed several real estate websites utilizing the RNS API.

RNS API functions vary from pushing and pulling data on the fly, on timed calls in conjunction with an images database as well as providing fast search capabilities covering a plethora of housing facilities. Basebuild is experienced in integrating three unique proprietary real estate APIs. If you have a need for anything in this realm don’t be afraid to drop us a line with your requirements and there’s a good chance we can master your needs as well.

Tools Used:

HTML5, CSS3, WordPress, JavaScript, MySQL, PHP, RNS API, SOAP

 Active link:

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