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Chris Walke, COO Basebuild Inc.

Chris Walke, COO Basebuild Inc.

Chris is a Richmond, Virginia native. He holds Bachelor and Master of Science degrees from Virginia Tech in Mechanical Engineering. He has lived with his family for periods of time in Harrisburg, PA and Raleigh, NC before returning to Richmond where he currently resides with his wife.

Chris has over 30 years work experience in engineering and engineering management positions for at divisions of DuPont and ERNI Components where electrical connectors were designed and manufactured, as well as in digital marketing. Job functions included running an industrial laser lab, as well as designing and constructing electrical test stations used in connector production.

He joined Dave McKillen in 2016, a friend and coworker at a previous digital marketing firm, to help grow Basebuild, Inc. Chris enjoys outdoor activities such as cycling, crabbing, fishing, hunting, and hiking when not at his computer overseeing Operations for Basebuild.

Email: chris[@]